B.A.L.L Group (Be Active Live Longer)

The B.A.L.L. Group was started in 1987, lead by Bob Beers, Jean Billman, and the late Speedy Marshal and Velma Sloan. They felt that people of retirement age would be happier and live longer if they remained active.

The B.A.L.L. Group now meets on the third Thursday of each month to join in Christian fellowship by either enjoying a meal together, playing games and visiting or having a trip together. Whatever we do, we have a good time and wish you would join us. Although most of us are of retirement age, we don’t check I. D.‘s to verify you are age appropriate.

Unless an out of town trip is planned, we meet at 5:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall on the third Thursday of each month. We attempt to make a schedule a few months in advance so everyone will know how to plan ahead.

If you need information about dates, times or location of an event, either call the AFUMC at 482-­0795 or Larry Davis at 481­0678.

Annual Senior Citizen Luncheon “Golden Agers” formally know as “Keenagers”.

“Keenagers” was an appreciation luncheon for our Seniors 65 years or older.  This annual luncheon happened every year in the month of March for 9 years.  Since our beloved director Nora retired in 2015 this great celebration is under our new Director of Care Ministries Mitzi.

Mitzi held her first Senior Citizen luncheon “Golden Agers” on July 10, 2016, the theme this year was church picnic.

This annual luncheon is to honor our members and associates who have had 75 or more birthdays.

The Goldenagers Picnic was a great success!

Thank you to all the servant leaders who helped with the Picnic.