Faith and Membership in the United Methodist Church

As Christians we are eager to reach new persons for Christ and welcome new members into our faith family. We are committed to developing Christians who have a loving, Christ-centered life, a passion for scripture, and a practical commitment to help and serve our neighbors.

We are wrapped up in saving grace by responding to God’s love and professing our faith in Jesus Christ with the intention of walking in his footsteps. We believe all Christian are called to mature in their faith until they reflect God’s image clearly. Our goal as Christians is to love God and love our neighbors (as ourselves) in the manner that Jesus demonstrated through his life, death, and resurrection.  We believe that in coming together as a church, we learn and grow into our Christian goal more and more.

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Membership in the United Methodist Church: 

All people are welcome to be a part of our congregation–whether you choose to be a member or not.

Membership in the local church is a sign of commitment to Jesus Christ, our faith family, and our surrounding community.  It identifies each one as a significant member and servant of Jesus Christ, who seeks to worship God and support one another in faith development, intimacy with God, and service to neighbor. Members are asked to be faithful in their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

If you are interested in joining our local church, please note that official reception into the United Methodist Church is by virtue of personal faith in Jesus Christ, baptism into the Church Universal, and commitment to devoted discipleship. Those who are not baptized but are interested in church membership are guided through the process of faith in Jesus Christ, Holy Baptism, and will take the covenant of membership (faithfulness in prayers presence, gifts, service, and witness).

Together we pursue holiness and help transform the world through our gifts and graces!